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    Blackbird Productions produces outstanding videos and visuals for brands, helping them activate and engage a wider audience. We believe we are only as good as our next shoot.

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A Creative Video Production & Photography Agency

Blackbird Productions is a team of Singapore based digitally progressive producers and creatives. As brand custodians, we use our experience and insights to ensure our videos perform well especially in the online landscape - but always remain true to what the brand stands for. We've worked with clients like Amazon, Lego, Paypal, Coke and Samsung on video content for wide audiences ranging across China, Japan, India, Brazil, and Mexico. This has helped them maximise the reach of their products and services through high-quality, yet efficient film and stills production.


What We Do

As a full-service visual content agency, our team has the ideas and experience to execute any of the following with confidence. Do take a look at our past work to learn more about our approach.

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