A Creative Video Production & Photography Agency

Blackbird Productions is a team of local and global producers and photographers that bring global insight to all the content they produce. We've worked with well-known brands like Amazon and Samsung on video content for wide audiences, helping them maximise the reach of their products and services through high-quality videography and photography.

Being industry veterans, we understand what is important to your brand, then visualise the message you want to send out and, finally, create amazing content to support your needs. Our team of experts create video content and photography still's that instantly make an impact and send out the right message.


What We Do

As a full-service visual content agency, our team has the ideas and experience to execute any of the following with confidence. Do take a look at our past work to learn more about our approach.

Why Blackbird Productions

Our clients appreciate our ability to work with a global mindset. We use creatives and position visual content after researching what the target audience is looking for.

Whether it is a video or stills, our producers and photographers create content that has an emotional connect with the audience. We create stories that create excitement for the global audience. We don’t just create videos and photographs, we produce visual content that tell stories.

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